Part 2: The Calendar

The Calendar tab shows a timeline of recommended gardening activity along with relevant cosmic events so you can plan for the coming weeks.

  1. Time Range & Preferences
    • Tap the time range to open the calendar preferences.
      Set the following preferences:
      • Show or hide the lunar phase photo.
      • Adjust the time range displayed in the calendar view (useful if you only want to see information covering your waking hours).
      • Show the planetary and lunar aspects of your choice in the timeline.
  2. Month Divider
    • Displays the month as well as time divisions for the vertical bars.
  3. Moon Phase
    • Displays the moon phase for the day.
    • Also displays indications for important lunar events: apogee, perigee, ascending (☊) and descending (☋) lunar nodes and the highest and lowest moons.
  4. Activity Bars
    • Identifies the recommended activity window during the day.
  5. Pro Tip

    Long press an activity bar to quickly create a task for a given window.

  6. Transplanting Bar
    • The green bar indicates the transplanting period for your hemisphere.
  7. Current Day
    • The current day is highlighted with a green background.
  8. Pro Tip

    Tap on any day to show that day in the full Home screen view.

  9. New/Full Moon
    • A blue dot marks new moon and full moon days.
  10. Planetary Aspects
    • Planetary aspects are shown when the occur in the activity timeline. If two aspects overlap, tap the visible part of the underneath aspect to bring it to the front.

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