Step 2: Follow the Timing


The time of sowing exerts the strongest influence on the plant’s future development.

Pick a sowing time that corresponds with the part of the plant you wish to harvest. Sowing can be done on an ascending or descending moon.

Sowing closer to the beginning of a sign allows the seed to soak up more of the favorable cosmic energy. Avoid sowing just before the Moon transitions into the next sign.

If it proves impossible to sow on favorable days, then be sure to till on favorable days.

Sowing on fruit days yields the greatest amount of seeds.

Root plants (i.e. potatoes, carrots) produce the best yield and store best when sown on root days.

Leaf plants (i.e. lettuces) sown on leaf days produce about 30% more than those sown on other days.

Sowing seeds on the days prior to the Full Moon leads to increased germination rate as the seeds absorb the greatest amounts of water on those days.

What kind of water should I use to germinate seeds?

Rain water is the best water to use. The next best is melted snow. If you have to use water that has been treated with chlorine or other chemicals, it is best to fill up some buckets with water and let them sit overnight or longer before use.

What’s the best time of day to sow seeds?

Laboratory research by biologist Frank Brown demonstrated that the greatest metabolic rate in both plants and small animals occurs at the time of Moonrise and when the Moon reaches its highest point in the sky about 6 hours later. Analysis of Colin Bishop’s 1978 radish experiment revealed the greatest increase in final yield among plants that were sown at the hour of Moonrise. Based upon these findings, it is suggested to sow seeds within 1 hour of Moonrise if possible.

Venus governs flowers, therefore Venus aspects (🝷 ☍ ♀ and 🝷 △ ♀) are recommended when working with flowers.


The time of transplanting can either enhance or weaken the influence the seed received at sowing.

The best time to transplant is when the moon is descending through the constellations. During this time, the earth is breathing in and the energy of the plant concentrates in the lower portions. This stimulates better, quicker and stronger root growth. This is also a good time to manure fields and meadows and to sow legumes for green manuring.

For planting bulbs, choose a Flower day in November under a descending moon.

Transplanting periods are marked with a green bar on the Home and Calendar screens.


Every time we work the soil, cosmic forces enter the soil & exert either a positive or negative influence on plant growth.

Tilling enhances growth if the energetics are favorable.

Tilling should be done to a depth of no more than 3cm (1.2in).

Morning - the soil exhales; till to let moisture out of soil that is too damp.

Evening - the soil inhales; till to help soil that is too dry to breath in moisture from the atmosphere.


Since weeding disrupts the soil, similar to tilling, it is recommended to weed the same as you would till. The goal is to open the soil to allow favorable cosmic energies in and avoid the activity during unfavorable energetics. For example, if you are clearing a bed for planting potatoes, weed on a Root day. If you are weeding in a bed of flowers, weed on a Flower day. You should also avoid weeding during unfavorable gardening periods.


Plants harvested during favorable times will store better and longer.

The best days for harvesting are usually the ones which are best for sowing.

Exception to the Rule

Vegetables harvested on Leaf days do not keep or store well. Instead choose Flower or Fruit days if harvesting for storage.

Planting Trees

Plant trees during the ascending period its ruling planet.

”An oak tree properly planted during the corresponding Mars period will develop differently from one thoughtlessly put into the ground whenever it happened to be convenient. Or with plantations of conifer forests, where the Saturn forces play such a great role, these will turn out quite differently if one plants them in a so-called ascending period of Saturn than they would if planted at some other time. … For example, suppose we burn wood that comes from trees that were planted in the earth without any understanding of the cosmic rhythms; the warmth produced from these trees will be less healthy than the warmth from trees that were planted with understanding.”

- Rudolf Steiner, Agriculture Course, Lecture One

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